Meet the Team

Meet the Vita Chiropractic Team!

Dr. Zach and Meagan Nelson first had the idea to open Vita Chiropractic while Dr. Zach was in Chiropractic School at Cleveland Chiropractic College in Overland Park, KS. When Dr. Zach and Meagan first moved to the area, they immediately fell in love with the Kansas City metro, and there was no doubt that it would end up being the home for Vita. Dr. Zach and Meagan have spent the last couple of years gaining experience and knowledge in preparation for Vita Chiropractic, and are thrilled to finally be able to provide care and serve the community!

Dr. Zach Nelson
Neurologically Based Chiropractor

Dr. Zach was born and raised in Manhattan, KS. Growing up he was very active in sports, playing baseball, basketball, and football. He later went on to play college basketball at Cowley County Community College and then Friends University in Wichita, KS. His first experience with chiropractors started in middle school for frequent headaches, low back pain, and bouts of shortness of breath and asthma.

Later, when Dr. Zach was in college he had debilitating low back pain and sciatic nerve pain which prevented him from doing any form of practice or workouts. He was told that it should go away on its own if he stopped working out and took ibuprofen. Unfortunately, it did not go away, so he decided to see a chiropractor. Under care, his low back pain, and sciatic nerve pain resolved which allowed him to participate in workouts, and practices again, and his team went on to have the best season recorded in school history!

These visits peaked his interest in the profession, but he still was never explained how the adjustment affected his body. It wasn’t until Dr. Zach was in Pre-Physician Assistant undergrad program at Wichita State that a chiropractor came to speak about the importance of spinal health, the intimate relationship it holds with the nervous system and how that pertains to health and wellness. After that class Dr. Zach immediately called his family, told them that he wanted to become a Chiropractor. Later, Dr. Zach graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College, where he also won the Clinical Excellence award for the care he provided in the Outpatient Center.

Dr. Zach specializes in Neurologically-based Chiropractic care. He holds Advance Certified Proficient in Torque Release Technique credential; which is a gentle, specific, results-driven technique. He also holds Webster Technique certification, which is specific for pregnant women. He is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, and specializes in providing care for pediatric patients!

Dr. Zach is thrilled to open his own practice and have the ability to provide life-changing care and information to the community. He believes it is a huge disservice to anyone who does not know why they should get adjusted, or how it affects the body. He is very passionate about Chiropractic care and loves serving his community.

Meagan Nelson
Office Manager

Meagan was born in Jacksonville, Fl and was raised in Wichita, KS. She and her family moved to Kansas once her dad retired from the Navy. Growing up she was very active in soccer, volleyball, basketball, and water sports. She later on went to play soccer in college at Tabor College and Friends University, which is where she met Dr. Zach!

In undergrad Meagan studied biology and learned about anatomy, physiology and the human body. When Dr. Zach first started attending classes in chiropractic school, it really peaked her interest because she always loved learning about human anatomy, physiology, and brain health in school. Growing up active and healthy, Meagan never had any prior experience with chiropractic and thought it was only for those who experienced headaches, neck pain, or back pain. After learning more about the benefits of chiropractic care while Dr. Zach was in school, she learned that she needed to start care in order for her to be optimally healthy.

When Dr. Zach mentioned the idea of opening a chiropractic office, Meagan was eager to get started on it! She is beyond excited to share the benefits of Chiropractic care and bring family-centered, neurologically-based chiropractic care to the surrounding Merriam, KS communities through Vita Chiropractic.

vita chiropractic team - Cassie Chiropractor kansas city

Chiropractic Assistant

Cassie was born and raised in Lenexa, KS. She and her 3 younger brothers grew up playing many different sports. She has played soccer since kindergarten and had the opportunity to play one year at JCCC. Other sports she was involved in into high school were basketball, tennis, cross country, and track. 

In middle school and high school, Cassie always enjoyed her science classes. The performance, complexity and beauty of how God designed the body to function so intricately always amazed her. Furthermore, her enjoyment of playing sports and pursuing a lifestyle that was active and healthy eventually led her to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. She first attended JCCC in Overland Park, KS for her first two years and transferred to The Masters University in Santa Clarita, CA for her last two years graduating with her Bachelors in Kinesiology. 

Cassie had no experience with chiropractic care before joining the Vita team. She thought chiropractic was only for those who experienced neck or back pain and go in on a “when needed” basis to get “cracked”. The thought of that scared her so she never went. Playing soccer for 15+ years and kicking with her dominant foot for that long led to a shift in her hips and a curve in her low back. This led to a lot of low back pain and digestive issues for many years. 

Learning that neurologically-based care focuses specifically on the nervous system, her whole perspective on chiropractic care changed and realizes that everyone needs it to help restore healing potential to their body. Because of this type of approach to health, she is now able to stand and sit for longer periods of time without feeling restless, continual low back pain and her digestion is much better! 

Cassie’s desire at Vita is to first meet others where they’re at and then help them along their healing journey to reach all their health goals. Seeing them achieve these goals and share with others about their commitment to health and wellness is the real reward and brings her so much joy. She is excited for the hope and healing that is to come at Vita serving those in the Kansas City area! 

Chiropractic Assistant

Hebah was born and raised in North Kansas City, MO. She attended and graduated from Park University where she earned her Bachelor’s in Social Work. Through college and after, she noticed some symptoms that were progressively getting worse. She met Dr. Zach at an out- reach event and was skeptical of chiropractic care but gave it a shot. 

Hebah wasn’t even able to walk short distances without taking breaks, unable to take her golden retriever (Oliver) for walks, or help her husband, Paul around the house with projects. Hebah is now able to do all that and more without pain and is very happy she listened to her gut and followed through with that first appointment with Vita. She was a practice member for a year before joining the Vita team! 

Hebah was eager to join the team after being a social worker. She felt working at Vita was allowing her to serve individuals still, just in a health environment. Hebah is beyond happy to help others achieve their health outcomes that she also experienced with Vita and loves meeting the individuals where they are to help them achieve their optimal health and happiness to get them back to doing what they love!” Outside of Vita, Hebah enjoys spending time with her family/friends, baking, and doing puzzles!