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Chiropractor adjusting baby boy, both smiling

We are here to help you and your child find the results you've been seeking. We see children for chronic, seemingly unexplainable issues as well as general wellness and preventative care. No matter where you're at, we're excited to help you!


Pediatric Chiropractic Care  |  Chiropractic for Kids

Chiropractic kids have the best start to life! As children grow and develop they will experience stressors on their bodies. These stressors can come from the many falls and tumbles they experience while learning to crawl, learning to walk, or going through their many growth spurts. Maintaining alignment of the spine during these developmental years allows their body to maintain optimal nervous system health and can help improve behavior, sleep, and immune system function, and many other health concerns.

Overtime these stressors can contribute to ailments such as such as colic, infantile reflux, trouble latching, recurrent ear infections, and bed wetting, amongst many others. We strongly encourage parents to get their children checked so they grow up with healthy spine structure and optimal nervous system function. We love seeing kiddos in the office so we can help them grow happy, healthy lives from the inside-out!

Top Reasons Children Come to Vita Chiropractic

  • To recover from birth trauma

  • To naturally resolve torticollis

  • To help with symptoms and severity of colic

  • To resolve latching/feeding issues

  • To resolve chronic ear infections without tubes and medications

  • Care for upper cervical spinal trauma/misalignment

  • Assistance with healthy developmental movement patterns

  • Assistance with digestive concerns

  • To encourage good neural plasticity –brain and nerve development

  • To strengthen immunity allowing for a reduction in colds, ear infections, and general illnesses

  • To overcome respiratory issues like asthma, breathing difficulties and allergies

  • To encourage proper spinal posture

  • To help improve the ability to concentrate

  • To assist with behavioral outbursts

  • To resolve bed-wetting and other sleeping issues

What to Expect at Your Child's Visit

Let’s be honest… going to the doctor’s office as a kiddo can be scary! We aim to gain your child’s trust before we perform any examinations or adjustments. Our team may engage your kiddo in play, ask them silly questions to get them to laugh and feel more comfortable, or show them a toy we have in the office. If they’re really lucky, and like dogs, they’ll get to meet our Office English Bulldog, Arlo, who is our patient engagement technician!

When you come into the office, we will start with a consultation to learn about your concerns for your child’s health and what your goals are in bringing them to a pediatric chiropractor.

Following the consultation, you and your kiddo will head into an examination room where one of our doctors will first connect with your child and earn their trust. We highly prioritize your child having a good experience with us. Vita Chiropractic is a healing experience, and that cannot be built on a foundation of forcing treatment or a bad/stressful first interaction. The initial examination may take 45 minutes to an hour.

Once your child is comfortable, we will examine him or her for spinal health, misalignments in the spine, any areas of nerve interference or subluxation patterns to work on addressing the issues. If you and your child are ready, we’ll adjust them following the exam. The adjustments are very gentle. In fact, we adjust kiddos as young as a few days old!


Help Your Child Rise To Higher Health

We believe wellness starts even before conception, and especially at birth. As the twig bends, so grows the tree! Help your kiddo rise to higher health by scheduling their chiropractic visit now.

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